Corporate - Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

MMG Healthcare  has a factory specialized in sterile and injectable solutions manufacturing. Our factory is regularly audited and approved by the Indian health authorities.

Therefore, we are regularly manufacturing injectable ampoules and vials for third party companies. From the product registration preparation and submission to the finished products delivery, we are commited to maintain a high level of quality in the customer relationship. Either for the manufacturing of pilot batches during a pharmaceutical product development or for industrial batches, the size of our organization enables us to quickly adapt to most of the requirements.

By contract manufacturing with us, you will benefit from more than 20 years of expertise in the sterile manufacturing of injectable products.

In its factory, MMG Healthcare  benefits from the very latest technologies in terms of filling machines, quality control equipments and packaging machines. This enables us to positively answer most of the market requirements by offering the right pharmaceutical form with the right volume. Either in vials or in ampoules, in plastic or in glass, we offer a vast portfolio of volumes and packaging possibilities.

From the filling to the packaging, we can offer you pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services for the following pharmaceutical forms : glass ampoule, polypropylene ampoule (blow fill seal manufacturing technology), polyethylene ampoule (bfs technology) and glass vial.