Facilities- Quality Unit

It is the policy of MMG Healthcare  Contract Manufacturing to develop, manufacture and deliver products and services that consistently meet the requirements of our internal and external customers. MMG Healthcare Contract Manufacturing is committed to maintaining and enhancing its quality reputation through design of quality products, design and use of facilities and equipment, use of efficient production and quality assurance systems, reliable delivery, and continued service of its products.

MMG Healthcare establishes programs necessary to implement and maintain this policy, such as;

Control systems in all departments that emphasize prevention of defects rather than relying on detection and correction.

Quality and reliability are defined and measured in quantitative terms.

A new product will be placed on the market only after the quality of production control parameters has been established and validated.

Quality parameters and tests reflect customers' needs, usage conditions, regulatory requirements, and scientific standards.

Full Service Analytical and Microbiological Lab Areas of Expertise :

  • Technical Transfer and Validation of Analytical Methods
  • Microbiology
  • In-Process Testing
  • Biological Assays
  • Finished Product Testing and Release
  • Stability Study Development and Management Including Testing and Storage